Dual Thyristor Module 2200V, 500A 200mA

The Dual Thyristor Module 2200V 500A 200mA is a versatile and reliable thyristor module that is suitable for a wide range of high-power applications. With its fast turn-off time and high surge current rating, this module can handle even the most demanding loads.

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A dual thyristor module 2200V, 500A 200mA is a semiconductor device that contains two thyristors in a single package. Thyristors are semiconductor switches that can control the flow of current in AC circuits. They are used for applications such as power control, rectification, soft start, and motor control.

The dual thyristor module 2200V, 500A 200mA has a reverse voltage rating of 2200V, an average current rating of 500A, and a gate trigger current of 200mA. This means that it can withstand up to 2200V of reverse voltage across the thyristors, it can conduct up to 500A of average current when turned on, and it requires at least 200mA of current to trigger the gate and turn on the thyristors.

One of the best features of the dual thyristor module 2200V 500A 200mA is its fast turn-off time of 100 microseconds, which allows it to switch off quickly and reduce power losses. It also has a high surge current rating of 3300A, which enables it to handle short-term overloads without damage. The module has a SOT-227B package with an isolated copper baseplate for good heat transfer and durability. It also has two-hole screw fixing and M4 screw terminal connections for easy installation and wiring.

This module is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Battery chargers
  • Welders
  • Plating equipment
  • Regulated power supplies
  • Temperature and speed control circuits

Direct Equivalent to Ruttonsha IRKT 500/22 and IXYS MCC161-22IO1.

SKKT570, VS-VSKT500, TT500N16K, MCC501


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