Unleash Operational Excellence: Power Control Solutions by United Automation

Unleash Operational Excellence- Power Control Solutions by United Automation

Energy cost volatility disrupts businesses across all sectors. In the UK alone, a recent report by Energy Live News estimates that companies waste a staggering 30% of their purchased energy, translating to a cost of £33.9 billion annually[1]. From industrial manufacturers to commercial building managers, inefficient energy consumption erodes profitability. United Automation offers a solution to dramatically reduce energy usage, enhance operational excellence, and contribute to a sustainable future.

United Automation: Your Trusted Partner for Energy Optimisation

We provide a comprehensive suite of industrial-grade power control solutions designed to optimise energy use across diverse applications. Experience significant cost savings and efficiency gains with our industry-leading technologies:

  • Precise Power Control: Thyristor controllers meticulously regulate power delivery to heating elements, motors, and lighting systems, eliminating unnecessary energy spikes and minimising waste.
  • Optimised HVAC Systems: HVAC Thyristor Controllers ensure consistent and comfortable building temperatures, preventing energy-wasting fluctuations and maximising HVAC system performance.
  • Targeted Heating Efficiency: Infrared Heating Controllers deliver focused and efficient heat, significantly reducing wasted energy compared to traditional methods.
  • Enhanced Equipment Protection: Power Line Filters safeguard sensitive equipment from damaging power surges and transients, ensuring optimal performance and preventing energy losses due to equipment malfunctions.
  • Extended Equipment Lifespan: Soft Start Controllers minimise stress on motors during startup, extending equipment life and lowering overall energy consumption.
  • Consistent Power Quality: AC Voltage Regulators guarantee consistent power quality for sensitive equipment, eliminating energy losses caused by voltage fluctuations.
  • Precision Industrial Control: Electromagnetic and Vibrator Controllers deliver precise control in industrial processes, optimising energy usage for specific applications.

Beyond Cost Savings: The United Automation Advantage

Our solutions extend far beyond immediate cost savings, delivering a comprehensive approach to operational excellence:

  • Improved Process Efficiency: Reduce downtime and optimise production output in industrial settings.
  • Enhanced Equipment Lifespan: Protect valuable equipment from damage and extend its lifespan, leading to long-term cost savings.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Minimise your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future by lowering energy consumption.
  • Sustainable Practices: Demonstrate your commitment to responsible energy use and environmental leadership.

Embrace a Sustainable Future

Visit United Automation’s website to explore our power control solutions and discover how they can help you achieve:

  • Significant reductions in energy costs.
  • Enhanced profitability.
  • Improved process efficiency.
  • Extended equipment lifespan.
  • Reduced environmental impact.

Invest in a sustainable future and unlock the power of efficient energy control. Contact United Automation for a consultation today!


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  • QLC – RFI Suppression with 17A, 230v

    £47.99 ex. VAT
  • A14232E, A14118E, A14117E, A14231E, -Quartz Lamp Phase Angle Regulator (TB RFI) - Catering Power Controller

    QLC – TB – RFI Suppression with 15A, 230v

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  • A14232E, A14118E, A14117E, A14231E, -Quartz Lamp Phase Angle Regulator (TB RFI) - Catering Power Controller

    QLC – TB – RFI Suppression with 15A, 110v

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