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Ultra-Violet Disinfection


United Automation Project

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Project Overview

With UV-Water Treatment now an accepted alternative to Chlorination in many applications, the pressure is on the providers to reduce their costs whilst maintaining the quality & reliability required in the industry.

United Automation has a number of customers, both UK based & on the continent, who already use UV technology in their portfolio, but in 2006, one particular NW based customer required our controllers to be integrated in their very compact control panels.

The solution was a robust thyristor-controller to provide full-control of the mains supply to the customers transformer load, providing 0-100% variable control. These units were designed & manufactured to fit to an exact panel footprint and to a price – of course!

Having successfully used a number of these compact controllers on projects over a 12 month period, a requirement arose for a High Ambient Temperature application in the Far East.


Uprating the controller by some re-design changes still enabled the customer to retain their preferred panel size, achieve the new temperature specification but at virtually no increase in costs.


Our solutions, already in the Water Treatment industry, are used in a wide variety of applications including Large Swimming Pools, Offshore Installations, Pharmaceutical Applications & in the Food & Beverage industry.

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  • FC36M DUAL Mode Firing Board 110v, 230v & 415v, Three Phase Thyristor Driver - with DIN

    FC36M Dual Mode Firing Board 110v, 230v & 415v

    £250.00£350.00 ex. VAT
  • FC36M DUAL Mode Firing Board C/W DIN HOUSING

    FC36MV (110v) Dual Mode Firing Board c/w DIN housing

    £425.00 ex. VAT
  • FC36MV (110v) Dual Mode Firing Board

    £395.00 ex. VAT