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United Automation Limited is one the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of industrial power control applications
Employing more than 25 people at their premises in Southport, United Automation has been designing and manufacturing since 1964. In 1992 the business was taken over by Ben Fashoni and, due to Ben’s innovative designs, United Automation continued to grow in strength. In April 2017, Dean Fashoni took over as Managing Director, following Ben’s retirement.

Dean attributes the company’s successful track record to technical strengths and a dedication to customer service and, having worked his way up through the ranks, he thoroughly understands the value of partnerships when it comes to achieving business goals. Realising that United Automation’s existing ISO accreditation wasn’t delivering as effectively as it could be, he set about auditing and rewriting all of United Automation’s processes, to create a new Total Business System.


Dean turned to Make UK for the all-important help when it came to supporting staff through a period of change, having enlisted the assistance of an automotive industry expert to develop new standards.

I felt as if the business was working for ISO, rather than the other way around, so decided to set about creating a world-class system that would allow us to improve the performance of our business processes, our people and our products.

Aligning this work to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard, Dean’s team was able to achieve accreditation within a year and became one of a handful of companies in  the UK, and one of the first SME’s in the North West,  to do so. In addition, working in conjunction with Build a Better Business, the team was able to implement the recommended Total Business Management System, to quality management guidelines.

We had gone ahead and done everything really quickly, and it was at this stage that we really benefited from the help and experience of Make UK.

By implementing new business systems and processes we had created new job roles and responsibilities. Whilst we understood that this offered great new opportunities for our staff, we also understood that we were going to need to sensitively manage change within a long-established organisation. We believe that the strength of an organisation lies in the quality of its people and we had no plans to alter our head-count.


Guy Holden, employment law specialist at Make UK, helped us massively. Our company’s markets are global. Products are sold to a wide variety of industry sectors and market segments including; end users, distributors, contractors and OEMs. Guy was able to work with us and our staff as we realigned jobs, making the business more effective and efficient.


And, along with a number of Business Improvement Projects, the issue of training and sourcing skills is something that we wholly embrace. Our aim is to upskill existing employees alongside the recruitment of additional people. We fully intend to tap into the upskilling and training services offered by Make UK, in order to align our skills development with our improved performance and increased productivity.


The networking support available from Make UK for manufacturing businesses like us is great. Whilst I can’t control what’s going on in the world around us, I can work to strengthen our sales, and the networking opportunities and the online forums provided by Make UK for member companies play a valuable support role.

I’m also delighted to see that Make UK is helping with the manufacturing element of the Industrial Strategy for the Liverpool LEP. I firmly believe that manufacturing is essential for growth within the North West and, as more manufacturing businesses grow, more young people  will become involved and the area will go from strength to strength.

I look forward to United Automation being part of this growth in manufacturing.

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    £47.99 ex. VAT
  • A14232E, A14118E, A14117E, A14231E, -Quartz Lamp Phase Angle Regulator (TB RFI) - Catering Power Controller

    QLC – TB – RFI Suppression with 15A, 230v

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  • A14232E, A14118E, A14117E, A14231E, -Quartz Lamp Phase Angle Regulator (TB RFI) - Catering Power Controller

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