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3A 230v fan control with RFI


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This compact variable phase angle regulator is of open construction and is suitable for 230V operation, driving up to 3Amp single phase mains driven inductive loads, such as induction motors, fans & pumps. It gives fully adjustable voltage outputs from zero to maximum.The controller has an integral RC Snubber network for control of inductive loads and a Minimum Set Speed adjuster (multi-turn cermet) to allow the designer/installer to fix a minimum output voltage level to prevent a motor being driven too slowly. An integral choke/capacitor RFI circuit enables to controller to meet current EMC standards for emissions. The large Triac enables the unit to handle high inrush currents with ample safety margin on industrial installations. An adhesive backed silver label and hairline knob, are optional extras, for front panel mounting.


Suitable for most simple mains driven motors & fans

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