Single Phase Fan Controller (VAC2/S-15E & VAC1/S-15E, 15A Maximum) – Fan Control Enclosed

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Elevate your power control with our Variable Phase-Angle Regulators – robust, compact, and enclosed units designed for precision in managing single-phase mains-driven inductive loads, including induction motors, fans, and pumps, for both 230V and 110V applications. These controllers offer full voltage adjustability, from zero to maximum, and incorporate a convenient OFF switch when needed.

Product Highlights:

  • Complete Voltage Control: Enjoy the flexibility of fully adjustable voltage outputs to suit your specific requirements.
  • Minimum Set Speed Adjuster: Tailor the minimum output voltage level using the adjuster at the rear to prevent motors from running too slowly, giving you control over the motor’s speed.
  • High Inrush Current Handling: The large triac ensures that the unit can manage high inrush currents, providing a safety margin, especially in industrial installations.
  • Integrated R-C Snubber Network: Control inductive loads with ease using the integrated RC snubber network, enhancing the reliability of your setup.
  • Adhesive-Backed Silver Label and Hairline Knob: These convenient extras for front panel mounting are included, simplifying installation.

Applications: Ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Simple Mains-Driven Motors
  • Fans

Key Features:

  • Variable 0-98% output for precision control
  • Minimum set speed adjuster for motor speed management
  • Single-hole fixing for easy installation
  • Rugged and compact design for durability
  • Large TRIAC for inrush protection
  • Integral R-C snubber network for enhanced control

Upgrade your power management with Variable Phase-Angle Regulators, ensuring reliability and precision for your motors, fans, and pumps. Experience versatile voltage control and improved safety for your electrical equipment. Invest in power control solutions that cater to your needs.

Maximum rms on-state current15A
Minimum operating current200mA
Triac limiting rms on state current25A
Peak one cycle surge @ 10mS250A
Peak one cycle surge HS model @ 10mS300A
I2t for fusing112 A2 s
Isolation voltage2500V rms
Maximum recommended unit temperature70ºC
Maximum cable temperature105ºC
Maximum recommended unit load at 20ºC ambient, (without extra heatsink)10A
Maximum recommended unit load at 40ºC ambient, (without extra heatsink)5A
Mains supply +/-10% @ 50/60Hz110 or 230V ac

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RS Stock No.: 748-0835, 748-0832

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230V, 110V

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