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The STOM1 is a microprocessor based power controller, with a built in power device that is capable of controlling up to 25A at voltages up to 440V ac.  The STOM1 has two types of power control, phase-angle and burst-firing, either can be selected separately.  The module can also be used for soft starting in phase-angle mode and it will automatically switch to Burst Fire mode when the control signal has reached a preset level. The control will remain in the burst-fire state even if the input signal drops below the preset IeveI.  The STOM1 also has a ramp up from cold, which can be set from 0 to 30 seconds.  The controller will operate from a 0 to 5V dc or 4 to 20mA signal. These signal inputs are fully isolated and can be controlled from a temperature controller or PC etc. The STOM1 provides the equipment designer with flexibility in a wide range of applications.


Suitable for most resistive loads including ovens, moulders, and dryers with current ratings up to 25A when fitted onto a suitable heatsink (1.3°C/W).  Ideal for unusual heating loads which have very low resistance when cold.


Energy saving                   Soft-start facility                       Phase-angle or burst-firing

Simple wiring                     Standard 80mm fixing             Solid-state reliability

Isolated inputs                   Rugged and compact             Integrated power device

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