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The UAL 9-channel HMI (Human-Machine Interface) system is a microprocessor-based system, which can provide up to 9 x 0-5 VDC control signal outputs. The system comprises 1 x HMI master unit and between 1 and 3 Digital to Analogue (D/A) slave, conversion units. Each D/A unit provides 3 x 0-5 VDC control output signals. The 0-5V signals are typically used for control signal inputs to power controllers.
Power is provided to the system via one of the D/A units. The D/A unit has 2 power inputs: 110-240VAC, 50/60Hz and 24VDC. Power should be connected to only 1 of the power inputs, on 1 of the D/A units. See the Specification section for more detail on the acceptable power ranges.
The system’s units are connected using cable containing two twisted pairs. One twisted pair is used for the communication signalling between the master (HMI) unit and the slave D/A units, the physical interface used for the communication link is RS485. The second twisted pair is used to provide 24VDC power, from the externally powered D/A unit to the other units in the system.
The HMI unit provides an interface to select one of the 9 signal output channels and set the voltage level on that channel. The HMI unit allows the setting of the analogue output level on each of the channels in 100 steps of 50mV per division, giving an output signal range of 0-5V. The output level is indicated as 0-99 and “F”, the “F” level corresponds to the output being fully on, which is equivalent to 5VDC.
All the HMI functions are also available via the optional infrared remote-control handset.
The HMI unit is provided in an IP65-rated enclosure, which is mounted using four fastenings to suit the wall or panel to which the unit is to be attached. The D/A units are supplied in a DIN rail housing with a spring-loaded retaining clip, this can be clipped onto a suitable DIN rail.


  • Control signal input for power controllers requiring a 0-5V control input signal.
  • Any application requiring up to 9 x 0-5V signals, the levels of which can be controlled from a HMI keypad.


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Mains Supply Voltage110VAC - 240VAC +/- 10% 50/60Hz
DC Supply Voltage 24VDC +/- 10%
Number of Channels per D-A module 9 total, 3 per D/A unit
Power Consumption50mA max per unit (HMI and D/A)
D-A, IP Rating IP00
HMI, IP Rating IP65
Gland Diameter (HMI) Max Cable Entry 2.5mm²
Operating Temperature Range-20°C to 40°C
HMI Unit Dimensions W=118mm D=110mm H=50mm
D to A Unit Dimensions W=72mm D=96mm H=65mm
Remote Handset Dimensions W=45mm D=22mm H=160mm
HMI Cable 4 core data cable, 2 x twisted pair, 26AWG minimum gauge.
Remote Handset Batteries2 X AAA (1.5V)

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