Multi-Channel Controller HMI – D/A UNIT (for 9 Channel HMI)

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HMI Slave (1 required per 3 channels)


The D/A unit receives messages from the HMI master unit and sets the analogue output levels to the level requested by HMI unit. The D/A slave unit also acknowledges the message from the HMI unit so that the HMI unit knows that the addressed D/A unit has received and decoded the message.

The D/A unit has the following terminal connections:

AC Supply Input (L and N)Single Phase Supply, Live (L) and Neutral (N) connections. 100-240V AC +/-10%, 50/60Hz.
DC Supply Input (+ and -) DC IN, 24VDC Supply, positive and negative connections.
HMI CONNECTION "+" Positive power supply, 24VDC, power connection to all other units in the System.
HMI CONNECTION "-"Negative power supply, ground connection to all other units in the system.
HMI CONNECTION "A" RS485 A leg to all other units in the system.
HMI CONNECTION "B" RS485 B leg to all other units in the system
Analogue Outputs3 x Analogue Channels: CH1 "+", CH1 "-", CH2 "+", CH2 "-", CH3 "+", CH3 "-". The "-" terminals are common and also connected to the system DC ground.


The D/A unit has the following switch for slave unit address configuration:

  • SW1 4      Way DIL Switch for D/A channel configuration, only switch positions 3 and 4 are used.


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