FC36M Dual Mode Firing Board 110v, 230v & 415v

Three phase Dual Mode Firing circuit

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Introducing our cutting-edge Three-Phase Microprocessor-Based Firing Circuit, a meticulously engineered solution designed to seamlessly integrate into three-phase power control assemblies for precise control of thyristors (SCRs). This populated printed circuit board boasts versatility, offering various supply voltage capabilities to cater to your specific requirements (refer to specifications for details).

Minimizing phase wiring installation, this circuit features simple gate/cathode outputs, eliminating the need for external phasing supply transformers. Its extensive range of selectable features sets it apart in the market.


  1. Power Supplies: Ensure efficient power delivery.
  2. Half and Fully Controlled Rectifiers: Optimize rectification processes.
  3. AC Motor Control: Achieve precision in AC motor operations.
  4. DC Motor Control: Seamless control for DC motors.
  5. Soft Starters: Facilitate smooth startup sequences.
  6. Heater Controllers: Maintain precise temperature control.
  7. Induction Generator: Efficiently harness induction power.
  8. AC Voltage Regulation: Ensure stable AC voltage output.
  9. Three-Phase Transformer Control: Tailor control for transformers.

Universally compatible with AC, DC, resistive, or most inductive loads through thyristor pairs, this circuit provides smooth proportional control across diverse industrial processes, including furnaces, electroplating, controlled rectifiers, and transformers.

Key Features:

  1. Switch Selectable Phasing Reversal: Enhance flexibility in phasing configurations.
  2. Control Type Options: Choose from phase-angle, burst-fire, or a combination for optimal control.
  3. Analogue or Digital Input Signal Control: Select control options with opto-isolated inputs.
  4. Load Type Selection Switch: Easily switch between resistive or inductive applications.
  5. Output Status LED Indication: Monitor circuit status at a glance.
  6. Current Limit Facility: Switch-selectable with LED indication for enhanced safety.
  7. Over Current Latching Trip: Set at 120% of maximum with LED indication for added protection.
  8. Adjustable Ramp Control: Fine-tune ramp control from 0 to 30 seconds.
  9. RJ45 Communications Port: Facilitates remote programming and display console connectivity.

Elevate your power control capabilities with this advanced firing circuit, engineered for precision and adaptability across diverse industrial applications. Invest in seamless control and reliability with our Three-Phase Microprocessor-Based Firing Circuit – the heart of efficient power management.

Nominal Supply voltages (+/-10%)110V, 230V or 415V ac @ 50/60 Hz
Primary fusingTwo HRC-F1A (ceramic 20 x 5mm)
Current consumption350mA (Full Conduction)
Initial short circuit gate current500mA
Sustaining short circuit gate current250mA
Initial pulse voltage9V
Sustaining pulse voltage5V
Pulse train frequency25kHz
Trigger mode-selected by inputBurst Fire and Phase Angle
Voltage signal into 10kΩ / 20k0-5V dc / 0-10V dc
Current signal into 240Ω4 - 20mA
Opto-isolated inputs5 - 24V dc
Adjustable ramp control from power up0-30 seconds
Control limit or over-current trip0-100 mV dc or 0-25V dc
Load type-Selected by switch (SW4)Resistive or Inductive
Operating and storage temperature range0 to +65°C
Further Dimensions
Firing Circuit board (PCB) only L 162mm x W 108mm x H 40mm
Hole size and Fixing centres of PCB 4x M3.5 clear holes, 150mm x 62mm
Firing Circuit with DIN-rail enclosureL 166mm x W 128 mm x H 70 mm

.X20004 – FC36M User Manual(7)

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230V, 415V, 110V

DIN Housing

c/w DIN Housing, without DIN Housing

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