Clean & Safe: Optimize Your EV Charging with United Automation’s EMI/EMC Filters

Clean Safe Optimize Your EV Charging with United Automation's EMI-EMC Filters

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is gaining momentum, and with it comes the crucial need for reliable and efficient charging infrastructure. One key component often overlooked is the Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) / Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Filter.

United Automation, a trusted manufacturer of industrial power control products, offers a range of EMI/EMC filters specifically designed for EV charging stations.

What is an EMI/EMC Filter and Why is it Important for EV Charging?

During the charging process, electrical noise and transients can be generated. This can disrupt the delicate electronics within the EV and the charging station itself. An EMI/EMC filter acts as a shield, attenuating unwanted electromagnetic interference and ensuring a clean and stable power supply.

Benefits of using United Automation’s EMI/EMC Filters for EV Charging Stations:

  • Improved System Reliability: By mitigating EMI/EMC issues, you can safeguard the sensitive electronics within the charging station and the EV, preventing potential malfunctions and downtime.
  • Enhanced Safety: Reduced electromagnetic interference lowers the risk of electrical hazards, promoting a safer charging environment.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Many countries and regions have regulations mandating the use of EMI/EMC filters in EV charging stations. Our filters are designed to meet these stringent requirements.

United Automation’s EV Charging EMI/EMC Filter Solutions:

United Automation offers a variety of EMI/EMC filter solutions to cater to different EV charging applications:

  • BL1220 / EN1220: This filter is suitable for DC charging applications ranging from 25 Amps to 1200 Amps, with a maximum DC voltage of 1000VDC.
  • BL328H / EN328H: This filter is ideal for three-phase AC EV charging applications with a capacity of 8 Amps to 600 Amps.

Additional Considerations for Optimizing Your EV Charging Station:

  • Power Rating: Choose an EMI/EMC filter with a current rating that matches the maximum power output of your charging station.
  • Installation: Ensure proper installation of the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

By incorporating United Automation’s high-quality EMI/EMC filters into your EV charging stations, you can ensure a smooth, reliable, and safe charging experience for your users.

For further information on United Automation’s EMI/EMC Filters and other EV charging solutions, please visit our website.

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