ZVT2-16-IF (0-40c) 230v

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230v Temperature Controller

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This economical, energy saving, OEM temperature controller combines precision sensing to give powerful output in a compact, single hole fixing enclosure.  It outperforms conventional thermostats by switching energy down to half mains cycle packets, at zero voltage, which minimises mains borne RFI interference and flicker.  Proportional self-adjustment gives accurate temperature control of loads up to 16A, with appropriate installation and the use of an additional heatsink (see cooling requirements).  The controller is supplied with a knob and ZVT scaled dial (0 to 40°C or 0 to 150°C).  The NTC temperature sensor is ordered separately and is not included with the unit.

NOTE: It is important that the sensor is used with a bonded earth (see installation wiring).


Suitable for temperature control of single phase resistive heaters, ovens, dryers, hot plates and flexible heater mats.



  • Microprocessor based control
  • Flicker inhibited
  • Simple installation – with or without heatsink
  • Two voltage and temperature ranges
  • Discrete component giving high reliability
  • Control knob and scaled dial supplied

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