Motor MINAS A6, 750W, low inertia, 2.39Nm, 3000rpm, 200V class, key-way shaft, oil seal

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MSMF082L1U1 | MINAS A6 Family Servo Motor

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The Panasonic MSMF082L1U1 is a servo motor that belongs to the MINAS A6 family, which is a series of high-performance and high-efficiency motion control solutions. This servo motor has a rated output of 750 W, a rated speed of 3000 RPM, and a 23-bit absolute/ incremental encoder. It can be used with various servo drivers that support DC 24 V/48 V, AC 100 V/200 V/400 V input power supply. The MSMF082L1U1 servo motor is ideal for industrial applications that require precise and smooth motion control, such as robotics, machine tools, packaging, printing, and textile machines. Some of the key features of this servo motor are:

  • Low inertia and high torque for fast and accurate positioning
  • IP67 protection class for dust and water resistance
  • Connector type for easy wiring and installation
  • Oil seal for enhanced durability and reliability
  • Compatible with different communication protocols, such as Modbus, RTEX, and IO-Interface

If you want to know more about the MSMF082L1U1 servo motor,  you can contact us by email or phone for any inquiries or orders. The Panasonic MSMF082L1U1 servo motor is a smart and powerful choice for your motion control needs. Order yours today and enjoy the benefits of the MINAS A6 family.

Specifications Detail
Part NumberMSMF082L1U1
DetailsLow inertia, Connector type
Family NameMINAS A6
SeriesMSMF Series
TypeLow inertia
Protection classIP67
About EnclosureExcept rotating portion of output shaft and connecting pin part of the motor connector and the encoder connector.
Environmental ConditionsFor more details, please refer to the instruction manual.
Flange sq. dimension80 mm sq.
Flange sq. dimension (Unit:mm)80
Motor lead-out configurationConnector
Motor encoder connectorConnector
Power supply capacity (kVA)1.8
Voltage specifications (V)200
Rated output (W)750
Rated current (A (rms))4.1
Holding brakewithout
Mass (kg)2.3
Oil sealwith
ShaftKey-way, center tap
Rated torque (N ⋅ m)2.39
Continuous stall torque (N ⋅ m)2.39
Momentary Max. peak torque (N ⋅ m)7.16
Max. current (A (o-p))17.4
Regenerative brake frequency (times/min)Without option :No limit
With option :No limit
Option (External regenerative resistor) Part No. : DV0P4283
About regenerative brake frequencyPlease refer to the details of [Motor Specification Description] , Note: 1, and 2.
Rated rotational speed (r/min)3000
Rated rotational Max. speed (r/min)6000
Moment of inertia of rotor ( x10-4 kg ⋅ m²)0.96
Recommended moment of inertia ratio of the load and the rotor20 times or less
About recommended moment of inertia ratio of the load and the rotorPlease refer to the details of [Motor Specification Description] ,Note: 3.
Rotary encoder: specifications23-bit Absolute/Incremental system
NoticeWhen using a rotary encoder as an incremental system (not using multi-turn data), do not connect a battery for absolute encoder.
Rotary encoder: Resolution8388608
Permissible load
During assembly: Radial load P-direction (N)686
During assembly: Thrust load A-direction (N)294
During assembly: Thrust load B-direction (N)392
During operation: Radial load P-direction (N)392
During operation: Thrust load A, B-direction (N)147
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