Three Phase-Dual Mode Control

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The complete enclosed three-phase Dual Mode Power Regulator (DMPR3) thyristor assembly provides control of inductive/resistive loads of up to 86 kW at 415V. The user-selectable control modes, via the internal switches, are either phase-angle, burst-firing, or a combination of the two i.e., start-up in phase angle and then continue in burst firing. The Single-Cycle & Dual-Cycle options offer the fastest burst rates possible, providing very accurate control and minimising Harmonic Distortion & Flicker within the system. In addition, the standard variable burst rate, adjustable from 1 to 30 seconds, is also available. There is a number of signal control options to meet most of the standard industrial requirements. All are housed in bespoke enclosures and have easy access to control signal & power terminals to aid installation. Semiconductor fuses and a heatsink with cooling fans. The controller offers a solution for many applications requiring single or dual-mode control.


Power (Current) Rating86kW (120A)
Input Voltage415V RMS +/- 10%
Control Signal Input Options0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, 1-5VDC, 2-10VDC, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, Manual Potentiometer Using 5K Pot.
Soft Start (Ramp Speed)0-30 seconds (adjustable)
Alarms Relay Contact Rating2A @ 125VAC Max.
Power IndicatorGreen Power LED
Status indicatorStatus LED indicator changes intensity during phase angle and soft start or flashes in synchronisation with bursts
Over TemperatureTemperature trip activates @ 90°C, Alarm LED, and Status LED slow alternate flashes
Temperature trip de-activates @ approximately 85°C
Alarm Relay Default StateRelay is de-energised in no fault state, NO contact is open (disconnected from COM)
Phase Lose DetectionAlarm LED and Status LED ‘flashes’ fast alternately
Sensor Loss DetectionAlarm LED indicator ‘flashes’ at quarter second intervals (approx. 4Hz)
Fuse FailureAlarm LED indicator on solid
Offset FailureAlarm LED indicator ‘flashes’ slow pulsing (approx. 0.5Hz)
Mode MismatchAlarm LED indicator ‘flashes’ fast pulsing (approx. 1Hz)
Power Cable Size86kW 35mm2
Cable TerminationsPhase Power35mm2 rising clamp terminal block
Earth35mm2 rising clamp terminal block
Remote Supply, Alarm Relay, Inhibit, Control Signal2.5mm2 rising clamp terminal block
Terminal Torque Settings3.2Nm minimum, 3.7Nm Maximum (35mm2) Power terminals only
FusingHigh-Speed semiconductor type fuses 86kW: 160EET (160A)
Ambient Temperature40°C without de-rating
Dimensions (D x W x H)(mm)277 x 300 x 130
Fixing Centres4 x 5.5mm ø holes on centres 277mm (W) x 200mm (D)
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