DMFC36 Driver Module Supply 110-230v, Mains 230v

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Three phase Dual Mode Firing circuit

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The DMFC36 driver modules have been designed to offer phase angle control, burst fire control or Single-Cycle/Dual-Cycle firing of thyristor controllers driving resistive loads or inductive loads. In Single-Cycle or Dual-Cycle mode, these modules use the fastest burst rates possible, providing very accurate control and mininising Harmonic distortion & Flicker within the system. In addition the standard variable burst rate, adjustable from 1 to 30 seconds, is also available.  The DMFC36 software also includes auto phase rotation.

Designed to be used in conjunction with a thyristor assembly or supplied on one of our complete thyristor controllers, the DMFC36 offer a highly versatile and cost effective solution in a wide variety of applications.

The DMFC36 is commonly used in a 3-Wire, 3-Phase, Floating Star Load configuration (3-Leg control) or a 3-Wire, 3-Phase, Closed Delta load configuration (3-Leg control) or a 4-Wire, 3-Phase Star Point to Neutral load configuration (3-Leg control), where all three of the phases are switched.

For ease of mounting & for protection purposes, the controller comes in a DIN Rail Enclosure.


Standard DIN Rail Mounting

Selectable Phase Angle, Burst Fire or Single-Cycle/Dual-Cycle or adjustable Std Burst Firing

On Board Indication of Power, Burst-Rates & Fault conditions

Inhibit input

Wide Range of Control Options

(0-5V, 0-10V, 1-5V, 2-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, Manual Potentiometer)

On board protection fuse

Isolated Pulse Transformer outputs


 The DMFC36 offers Phase Angle, Burst fire or Single-Cycle/Dual-Cycle (Rapid Burst Firing) control where minimum fluctuation in heater element temperature is required.  This type of Rapid Burst Fire is useful if a system has a high impedance supply as a result of long power leads or if the system is powered by a generator set. Normally this can result in the supply being subject to mains dips, but this option minimises the ‘Flicker’ effect on the mains supply.  Another benefit of using this type of control is that you avoid high ‘Harmonic Distortion’ normally associated with phase angle control, typically down to levels of below 4%.


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