CSR power regulators (CSR1, CSR2-B, E Series)

Compact Phase Angle AC Regulator – Controlling Single Regulator – Phase Mains 6A, 10A, 15A, 110v & 230v

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Discover the versatile CSR1 and CSR2 power regulators – your go-to solution for precision power management in various applications. These regulators ensure a steady and dependable power supply for your electronic devices, making them a must-have for your power management needs.

Key Benefits:

Reliable Voltage Control: CSR1 and CSR2 regulators excel at regulating and controlling output voltage for inductive and resistance loads. Say goodbye to voltage fluctuations and hello to a stable power source.

Compact & Robust: These regulators are compact yet robust units capable of handling single-phase mains driven loads of up to 15A. Depend on them to keep your devices powered with confidence.

Versatile Styles: The CSR2 series offers two styles to choose from – open (type B) and enclosed (type E), complete with its heatsink for optimal performance. Tailor your solution to your specific needs.

Fully Adjustable: Enjoy complete control with a fully adjustable output range from zero to maximum voltage. CSR regulators come standard in 110V and 230V AC options, with customization available upon request.

Top Features:

  • Available in 6, 10, and 15A ratings to suit your requirements.
  • Simplified installation, with or without a heatsink, for ease of use.
  • Utilizes discrete components for maximum reliability, ensuring uninterrupted performance.
  • A cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.


The CSR power regulators are suitable for a wide range of resistive and inductive loads, including:

  • Heat Lamps
  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Other AC Motor Loads

Enhance your power management capabilities with CSR1 and CSR2 regulators. Experience steady and reliable power for your electronic devices. Choose the perfect regulator to meet your needs and enjoy peace of mind in power management. Order today for precision power control that you can depend on.


SpecificationUnitProduct – CSR1 (110V) & CSR2 (230V)
Maximum on-state current, Imax (tab @ 70°C)A rms6610101515
Peak one cycle surge currentsA100100120120150150
Off – leakage current (maximum)mA
Minimum holding load currentmA
RMS Input voltage ±10% 50/60HzV
110 or 230
Repetitive peak voltage (tab @ 70°C)V
Total conduction phase angle (typical)°
0 to 160
Controlled phase angle (typical)°
30 to 160
Power transfer at Imax%
Tab surface operating range°C
0 to +75
Storage temperature°C
0 to +75
Insulation withstand capabilityV
1500 for 1 min.
I2t limiting values for fusingA2s18185050100100
Mounting hole diameter (minimum)mm
Phase Operation-

Order Code Farnell: 1213086, 1213089, 1213087
RS Stock No.: 655-622, 655-638, 655-644


Additional information

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Rated Current

6A, 10A, 15A


230V, 110V

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