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Power Factor Correction – Thyristor Capacitor Switches

Power Factor is the ratio of useful power (KW) & reactive power (kVar) to total power (KVA), drawn from an electrical device or electrical equipment. Normally, a poor power factor score is due to inductive loads. Power Factor measures how efficiently electrical power is converted into useful work output. If the ratio/score is 0.85 or under the power factor would be considered to be poor & in many countries worldwide, including the UK, would result in penalty charges. It is now becoming vital for companies to address their Power Factor issues. Power Factor Correction reduces power factor by the effects of reactive power being reduced, which can be achieved by adding capacitors into the circuit. Employing Power Factor Correction would usually enable a score of 0.95-0.98 to be achieved (the highest score is 1, but is very rarely achievable).

United Automation’s PFC2 Range of Thyristor Capacitor Switches provide optimised switching & control of three phase capacitive loads for Power Factor Correction, suitable for three phase supply using the two leg control technique.

These units fit within any panel to control the switching of the capacitors.


  • Incorporate an automatic resetting temperature trip fitted to the heatsink
  • Integral semiconductor power fuses
  • Designed to dramatically reduce the inrush current – normally found with contactor base systems
  • All models are fan cooled
  • Signal control is by a DC signal
  • Available in 30kVar, 50kVar, 80kVar & 100kVar models

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